Shoprite expands R5 offering, adds sanitary pads range  

Shoprite Group says that while 1 in 5 households of the 7.2 million unemployed people in South Africa go hungry the whole week, it has stepped up efforts to offer its customers affordable and accessible products.

“Since the start of the national lockdown, the Shoprite Group has intensified its food security efforts, donating more than R100 million in surplus food to organisations spearheading several initiatives around the country.”

The Group said it continues to expand efforts, selling food and other essentials that only need R5 coins when many ignore single coin purchasing power.

Since the launch in April 2016, Shoprite’s 600g in-house brown bakery bread, still retails for only R4.99. The stores have sold over 266 million loaves with zero inflation over the past five years.

“In 2017 Shoprite introduced discounted deli meals so that hard-pressed consumers with only R5 in their pocket can afford to eat. Just in the last 12 months, stores have served over 23 million meals to customers for R5 or less,”

The three most popular being large igwinya (vetkoek), chicken hot dog, fried egg & tomato sandwich.

Shoprite said it is expanding its R5, offering to include basic human right items including sanitary pads for women and girls.

Manufactured locally, the pack has eight wrapped maxi pads, and is available only from Shoprite and Usave supermarkets for just R5.

The grocery supermarket said it is launching a R5 pack of sanitary pads to help keep young school girls.

“On top of these R5 initiatives, the Shoprite Group said it continues to look for other ways to help its customers save money, adding that the Xtra Savings programme has saved consumers more than R2.1 billion between July and December 2020,” said Shoprite.

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