Shoprite Group feeds the hungry

Since COVID-19  lockdown began, the Shoprite Group has donated more than R53 million surplus food in the past 185 days to organisations responsible for feeding the hungry.

A total of 327 organisations received excessive donations of groceries from Shoprite and Checkers supermarkets, including fresh fruit and vegetables.

The Group said that given the national hunger crisis since the lockdown began, Shoprite has decided to increase its mobile soup fleet from 19 to 26.

“As of mid-September 2020, and with the support of 2, 613 organisations, Shoprite’s mobile kitchens will serve more than 2 million people. These dishes, including soup and bread.”

In partnership with its customers, the Group has announced that it will continue to raise money through  its Act For Change Fund till-point donation facility, saying the fund allows buyers to donate nationwide to Shoprite, Checkers or Usave.

“The money raised will be channeled to vetted recipient organisation involved in the Covid-19 relief effort in the province where the donation was made,” the Group said.

The Group said since March 2020, customers and Shoprite have donated R2 million each towards the fund, managing to raise R 4 million through the fund in six months.

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