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Social media bubbles misled the public into believing Mokgetle is the new mayor

The local African National Congress (ANC) faction that has misled the community, claiming Aron Mokgetle is the new mayor of Lephalale. Local Municipality is deafening its social media silence.

To its [faction] surprise, Mokgetle nominated Alpheus Thulare unopposed as the incumbent mayor.

The ANC caucus nominated Grace Marakakalala as the new speaker, while Joseph Machaba is the chief whip.

The faction published a series of posts on social media before the National Executive Committee disclosed the results.

In response, the ANC Lephalale Sub-region, Batlhalerwa branch, restrained members to refrain from partisan politics, expressing their opinions, or making claims before the NEC made final decisions.

Instead, William Mothini, a local social media influencer and staunch advocate of Mokgetle, says he has never considered former mayor Iack Maeko a leader.

Therefore, said Mothoni “I don’t have any reason not to support Honorable Thulare and I don’t need his favour. Lephalale Municipality must be a better place for everyone.”

Mothini posted on social media saying Mokgetle is determined to fight corruption within the municipality and is the next mayor.

Social Media user, Archie Thutlwa says he is outraged at the political climate in Lephalale, saying the ANC must appoint a mayor capable of providing services to the community.

“If the ANC deploys a mayor, not their close ally, I will support that person. As long as that mayor can deliver services to Lephalale citizens, the mayor should represent Lephalale’s citizens,” Thutlwa declared.

Taking to social media, a user called on Mokgetle backers to stay calm, claiming politics is at play.

Don’t give up on the ANC. Thulare is the leader of the bad guys. Please don’t abandon the ruling party. “

Another social media user expressed his concern, regarding Thulare being elected mayor.

“ANC is physically and mentally sound. It can’t position an independent candidate for the mayorship crown. There’s something fishy here,” read the social media post.

In a recent statement, Lephalale Community Development Forum spokesperson, Jones Moroka, has urged ANC members in the region to trust the organization and leave factions aside.

Thulare backer described the new mayor as a leader, especially among the working class and the poor.

He claims he is being treated unfairly by those who seek to exploit Lephalale resources.

“I believe those who supported the former mayor, Jack Maeko, and want him to stand for a second term as mayor, are insincere in claiming they are pleased with Thulare,” he said.


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