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Technology hides bonnet, exposing hazard in front of the car

Jaguar Land Rover has announced the technology that will alert drivers to escape from crashing into hazardous debris on and off the road,  including rocks and edging kerbs.

ClearSight and Ground View cameras alert drivers of the new Land Rover Discovery Sport and Range Rover Evoque of any objects that might damage the underneath of vehicles.

The carmaker fit the cameras on the front grille and on the door mirrors project a feed onto the central touchscreen.

It shows what is ahead of and underneath the front of the vehicle with a virtual 180-degree view.

Ground View camera hides the bonnet to enable the driver to see the hazardous object in front of the car.

Realisation of Land Rover’s transparent bonnet, previewed on the Discovery six years ago, makes this fantasy a reality.

It uses digital cameras around the vehicle to provide a bird’s-eye view of the exterior, as if a drone was hovering a few metres above.

It also can display multiple views of the exterior at the same time to help get in and out of tight parking spaces and make negotiating tricky situations much easier.

ClearSight interior rear view

Land Rover’s ClearSight technology also extends to the interior rear-view mirror in new Discovery Sports and Evoques.

The new smart rear-view mirror transforms into a HD video screen at the touch of a button.

It features more camera placed in the antenna roof pod at the rear of the vehicle; it displays a video feed on an embedded digital display in the mirror, providing a much wider 50-degree and so improved field of view.

Jaguar Land Rover design the system with a protective lip to prevent mud and water soiling the lens and hydrophobic coating that repels water spray.

In the unlikely occurrence that the camera obscured, drivers can change back to a traditional rear-view mirror at the flick of a switch under the mirror unit.

When displaying a rear-facing camera feed onto the mirror, the driver’s view remains unrestricted by passengers or large items in the back, while delivering clearer visibility in low light conditions.

It includes the ClearSight interior rear-view mirror as standard equipment on HSE variants of both vehicles and on the First Edition version of the Evoque.

It is available as an option to on all other models.

These latest visibility-enhancing ClearSight and Ground View ensure the new Land Rover Discovery Sport, Range Rover Evoque meet digital demands of the entire family, delivering greater convenience, confidence and safety.

The carmaker will also extend features to soon-to-be-introduced New Defender.

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