Technology hides bonnet, exposing hazard in front of the car

Hidden Bonnet. Image supplied.

Jaguar Land Rover has announced the tech­nol­o­gy that will alert dri­vers to escape from crash­ing into haz­ardous debris on and off the road,  includ­ing rocks and edg­ing kerbs.

Clear­Sight and Ground View cam­eras alert dri­vers of the new Land Rover Dis­cov­ery Sport and Range Rover Evoque of any objects that might dam­age the under­neath of vehi­cles.

The car­mak­er fit the cam­eras on the front grille and on the door mir­rors project a feed onto the cen­tral touch­screen.

It shows what is ahead of and under­neath the front of the vehi­cle with a vir­tu­al 180-degree view.

Ground View cam­era hides the bon­net to enable the dri­ver to see the haz­ardous object in front of the car.

Real­i­sa­tion of Land Rover’s trans­par­ent bon­net, pre­viewed on the Dis­cov­ery six years ago, makes this fan­ta­sy a real­i­ty.

It uses dig­i­tal cam­eras around the vehi­cle to pro­vide a bird’s-eye view of the exte­ri­or, as if a drone was hov­er­ing a few metres above.

It also can dis­play mul­ti­ple views of the exte­ri­or at the same time to help get in and out of tight park­ing spaces and make nego­ti­at­ing tricky sit­u­a­tions much eas­i­er.

Clear­Sight inte­ri­or rear view

Land Rover’s Clear­Sight tech­nol­o­gy also extends to the inte­ri­or rear-view mir­ror in new Dis­cov­ery Sports and Evo­ques.

The new smart rear-view mir­ror trans­forms into a HD video screen at the touch of a but­ton.

It fea­tures more cam­era placed in the anten­na roof pod at the rear of the vehi­cle; it dis­plays a video feed on an embed­ded dig­i­tal dis­play in the mir­ror, pro­vid­ing a much wider 50-degree and so improved field of view.

Jaguar Land Rover design the sys­tem with a pro­tec­tive lip to pre­vent mud and water soil­ing the lens and hydropho­bic coat­ing that repels water spray.

In the unlike­ly occur­rence that the cam­era obscured, dri­vers can change back to a tra­di­tion­al rear-view mir­ror at the flick of a switch under the mir­ror unit.

When dis­play­ing a rear-fac­ing cam­era feed onto the mir­ror, the driver’s view remains unre­strict­ed by pas­sen­gers or large items in the back, while deliv­er­ing clear­er vis­i­bil­i­ty in low light con­di­tions.

It includes the Clear­Sight inte­ri­or rear-view mir­ror as stan­dard equip­ment on HSE vari­ants of both vehi­cles and on the First Edi­tion ver­sion of the Evoque.

It is avail­able as an option to on all oth­er mod­els.

These lat­est vis­i­bil­i­ty-enhanc­ing Clear­Sight and Ground View ensure the new Land Rover Dis­cov­ery Sport, Range Rover Evoque meet dig­i­tal demands of the entire fam­i­ly, deliv­er­ing greater con­ve­nience, con­fi­dence and safe­ty.

The car­mak­er will also extend fea­tures to soon-to-be-intro­duced New Defend­er.

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