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Thabazimbi Local Municipality in ‘turmoil’ as DA takes ANC to court over moyership chain

The Democratic Alliance (DA) says it obtained a court order on Tuesday to stop the African National Congress (ANC) from swearing in its ‘illegally’ elected council members in Thabazimbi Local Municipality planned for Wednesday.

The court application follows tension that flared up during the adjournment of the municipality’s special council meeting last Friday.

Some employees from the municipality allegedly refused to take part in the ‘illegal’ council meeting, triggering pandemonium to break out.

During the meeting the ANC and Thabazimbi Residents Association (TRA} elected their council members to be sworn into office on Wednesday.

In a statement, the ANC Waterberg Regional Spokesperson, Seraka Mapeka, says on Friday the Council unanimously elected Judy Mohapi as the new Mayor and Tshego Ramoabi as the Speaker.

“This is after months of incompetence and neglect by the leadership of the municipality, which has resulted in poor service delivery to the residents of Thabazimbi,” added Mapeka.

The DA says that people who did not want to vote were allegedly held against their will in the council chamber, threatened with violence, and intimidated.

According to the DA, sergeant at arms rescued the victims who were also treated for shock and anxiety.

Desiree Van der Walt, DA Thabazimbi’s Political Head, slammed the drama as being driven by political power grab.

According to Van der Walt, the ANC in the Waterberg welcomed this development which is indicative of its disregard for the law.

She claimed that the ‘unruly behaviour’ was caused by a council meeting that didn’t meet quorate.

“There were no motions to remove office bearers from the agenda at the special council meeting, and no prior notice was presented,” said Van der Walt.

According to Van der Walt, the DA had to adhere to the constitutional process and obtain an interdict in order to halt the inauguration of the ANC cabal that had been fraudulently elected on Wednesday.

“This indicates that the ANC is desperate to regain control of the municipality and use money and resources to their own advantage. The DA would not want this to happen.”

Van der Walt maintains that Tokkie Swanepoel is still the mayor of Thabazimbi.

“On Tuesday, the court confirmed that the ANC attempted to overthrow the mayor and speaker and take over the municipality on Friday last week was illegal,” she said.

For Forum 4 Service Delivery, Councillor Butana Thlabadira remains the speaker and TRA Councillor Catherine Stokkie Sikwane is still the chief whip.

“It has been confirmed by the court that there will be no illegal inauguration ceremony for the newly elected council members in Thabazimbi Local Municipality,” added Van Der Walt.

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