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The BMW exquisite lifestyle collections now available

Not only can you drive a BMW vehicle, but you can also use and wear the new products of the BMW Lifestyle series to experience driving pleasure. The focus of all BMW products is an excellent design and first-class durability.

Highlights of this series include BMW soft down jackets for men and women and the brand’s chronograph with BMW kidney design.

BMW also introduced innovations in lifestyle accessories.

Besides the popular mugs for hot drinks, the BMW Lunch Cup Thermal for cereals and the BMW mug for hot meals are also very suitable for daily work and leisure.

The design is modern, practical and urban–always based on the famous BMW vehicle design. Simple, they attribute timeless products to intelligent functions, which offer more freedom in daily life.

The series also adds daily necessities, such as women’s BMW logo T-shirts, and a large BMW logo designed for brand fans.

The strong, harmonious colours highlight the modern, confident style. Besides light shades such as sand and midnight navy, the trendy orange also ensures an expressive appearance.

Accessories and lifestyle products made with first-class premium brands complement BMW Collections.

Montblanc’s long-term cooperation in particular uses exquisite writing instruments designed by BMW, luggage and the highest quality Italian leather goods.

This year, the products of this cooperation will use Montblanc’s BMW pattern relief and royal blue jacquard lining.

New products  include the Montblanc BMW Backpack, made of Italian leather and embossed pockets.

The spacious compartment inside provides enough space for various appliances and laptops.

Montblanc’s new liquid storage bag for BMW made of PVC and made of Italian leather, a clever addition to Montblanc’s existing luggage for BMW’s cooperation.

Other products of cooperation include BMW Boadcase and the Horizon series of trolleys.

BMW Motorsport Collection. Designed for fans

BMW M Motorsport has a modern, sporty design based on the legendary appearance of BMW racing cars.

The clear BMW M stripes, black and white highlights the new BMW M Motorsport brand identity.

The confident brand combines color blocking and cool graphic elements to give the series a modern, avant-garde character.

New highlight products in 2020 include BMW M Mototsport Puma Leadcat shoes, are a kind of non-slip sports shoes for men and women, suitable for the gym, swimming pool or at home.

The BMW M Motorsport watch is a unique BMW M racing design triple watch with a silicone strap that provides a perfect look for all racing fans.

BMW Children’s Collection

BMW brings driving pleasure to young children.

For the smallest BMW fan with the BMW Children’s Series, the dream of owning a BMW is now more realistic.

The popular BMW Babyracer III is getting electric boost.

The new BMW M8 GTE Rideon and BMW i8 Rideon make sure active driving pleasure.

The real BMW engine sounds, lighting effects and opening doors turn the children’s room and garden into a racetrack.

With the help of the integrated MP3 interface to play music and audio files, children do not  have to miss it.

The BMW Lifestyle Collection can now available at selected South African BMW dealerships and online store.

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