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The Ford Ranger, Figo, and Fiesta snatches lowest parts pricing awards

Silverton Assembly Plant north of Pretoria builds Ford Ranger which won the 2020 Kinsey AA Parts Award Report for lowest total maintenance, repair, and replacement costs in the popular double cab segment.

With a 13.86% selling percentage, Ford Ranger is the lowest basket of spare parts.

This is the second-lowest score in the entire AA Kinsey 2020 report, which examines different vehicles in each sector from budget cars to pickups and sports utility vehicles (SUVs).

Not only did the Ranger stand out in this year’s report, the Ford Figo 1.5 Trend Hatch got the lowest total price for the spare parts basket compared to a purchase price of 29.23%.

The Figo takes second place in its class for the price of actual parts and is outperforming competitors who are much cheaper and smaller than the Super Mini segment at only R876.09.

Ford Fiesta 1.0 EcoBoost trend emulated this success and achieved the lowest parts basket as a percentage of selling price in the supermini segment at 29.9%.

This places it ahead of his competitors with the closest competitor at 33.28 percent.

Although Fiesta ranks third in terms of actual parts costs, the difference in price between 1st and 3rd rank is only R1 209.82, which shows how competitive the industry is.

“We are happy that the Ford Ranger is leading the popular double cab segment in its overall service, repair, and spare parts pricing,” said Ford South Africa Motor Company MD, Neale Hill.

Hill adds: “What is even more noteworthy is that the Ranger was a close second overall across segments of the industry when considering its parts basket on its purchase price.”

“This shows our ongoing commitment to not only produce outstanding cars as one of the bestselling models in South Africa but to deliver exceptional real estate experiences to our customers with the industry-leading total cost of ownership report 2020 by AA Kinsey.

This is further evidence of how we help improve the lives of our customers, reflecting in our Live the Ranger Life campaign, “said Hill.

“We manufacture the Ford Ranger at the Silverton assembly plant in Pretoria.

It is one of the bestselling cars in South Africa and the major export of light commercial vehicles to over 100 markets worldwide.

“We are pleased to see that we continue to offer the lowest basket of parts as a percentage of the purchase price at Figo and Fiesta.

They are entry points into the Ford family and our local bestsellers,” said Hill.

“The AA Kinsey report provides valuable information on the cost of parts for periodic servicing, repair, and replacement of parts.

It is an important consideration for consumers in determining their financial risk once we remove the vehicle from the showroom floor.

“Buyers need to consider the vehicle’s first purchase price and travel costs, especially with parts for some popular vehicles over 40% of the sale price and up to 69.9% in one example,” explains Hill.

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