The Galaxy Note20 series brings powerful new features

NOWADAYS, people need proper and meaningful innovations to make it easy to connect with family and friends around the world, work, play, and communicate.

The Galaxy Note20 series is an impressive achievement that connects to the Galaxy network to give you more flexibility and time for the things that matter most.

Samsung first unpackaged Virtual Galaxy Event, broadcast live from Korea on August 24, 2020 to introduce a new power device.

Samsung launched Five devices during the event, the Galaxy Note20 5G and Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G, the most powerful Note series to date, the Tab S7 and S7 +, which integrate to help users navigate a changing world.

Five devices, Galaxy Note20 5G and Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G, the most powerful Note series yet, were revealed Tab S7 and S7+ during the event that integrate to empower consumers navigating a changing world.

Also launched at the event were versatile tablets for productivity and creativity, premium Galaxy Watch3.

Advanced health functions; Samsung has introduced Stylish and ergonomic Galaxy Buds Live headphones with great sound quality and the next generation Galaxy Z Fold2 foldable smartphone with enhanced enhancements.

People are adapting and looking for alternative ways to increase productivity and have fun. Since the beginning of the year, the use of household data in the US has increased by almost 50%.

[1] Over 25% of professionals say they have used video conferencing or more frequently.

[2] The Galaxy Note20 series inherits the tradition of the Note series and offers an unmatched experience.

It’s designed for users who want to work harder anytime, anywhere, and enjoy manual entertainment to adapt to their next normal life.

This is the most impressive feature of the Galaxy Note20 series in terms of work and entertainment.

The most powerful S Pen From taking notes during meetings to controlling presentations, the S Pen is the ultimate performance companion.

The Galaxy Note20 series takes everything you love about the S Pen and loads it.

[3] Supported by deep learning technology, the Galaxy Note20 S Pen increases latency and thus produces more natural and fluid writing.

Whether you’re taking notes during a meeting or creating random marks on a shopping list, the Galaxy Note20 Ultra’s 120Hz display gives you real-time accuracy and a more realistic experience.

The S Pen’s built-in remote control has also been updated. Gesture control is easier than ever with “Wearable Actions”. In the Galaxy Note20 series, five new special gestures expand the capabilities of Air Actions.

With the new remote control, users can customize new processes for Back, Home, Used Apps, Smart Selection and Screen Creation, and navigate no matter what apps and demos it uses.

Important ideas in the middle of the meeting

We all get frustrated when we find that they store the notes or documents need on other devices.

Thanks to Samsung Notes enhancements, you don’t have to worry anymore. With auto-save and sync support from mobile devices, tablets, and Windows PCs, you can access Samsung Notes no matter what device you use.

Even if you keep your notes on the Galaxy Note20 or Galaxy Note20 Ultra, you can keep the notes on your laptop without any hesitation during meetings.

The Samsung Note extension also simplifies editing and note management.

For example, if you take notes with the S-Pen, the autocorrect function corrects page protrusions or writing to make your notes easier to read.

For business meetings and lectures, users can now use the Audio Bookmarks feature to sync handwritten notes with audio recordings so they can record questions and comments while you record content.

When you watch the audio, your notes will be bookmarked so you can remember the most important parts.

Other Samsung Notes updates include: exporting handwritten notes to PowerPoint slides besides PDF and Word documents; various new template options (such as checklists and graph paper); Import and create PDF files in Samsung Notes, handwritten notes and annotation functions – great for signing contracts or taking notes in reports.

Advanced Microsoft integration

The partnership between Samsung and Microsoft has reached new heights in the Galaxy Note20 series.

With the help of the Microsoft Phone application and integration of Windows connections on several Samsung phones and in several countries and regions, users can sync their Galaxy smartphone with Windows 10 PC to exchange messages, photos, notifications and calendar reminders in near proper time.



The Galaxy Note20 series brings you several new experiences to help you achieve longer performance.

When you work from home, it’s easy to get distracted by the brief distractions in your life.

Regardless of your workflow or workspace, Microsoft’s integration with the Galaxy Note20 series can easily make your work more efficient. Enjoy a seamless workflow on your Windows 10 phone, tablet, and PC through your Samsung account, which automatically syncs Samsung Notes with the Microsoft 365 experience, including Outlook and OneNote.

Devices display your notes as picture files in Outlook or OneNote, so you always have notes for those spontaneous conference calls. You can even get reminders on all platforms (including Outlook, Tasks, and Teams) to make sure you’re always at the top of your to-listed. Also, connecting to Windows can improve your work efficiency when using multiple devices.

Based on the existing “Link to Windows” feature that allows you to receive calls, answer text messages, receive notifications, and access your favorite mobile applications right on your computer, the Galaxy Note20 series offers the best multitasking experience.

The Phone app lets you add your favorite mobile apps to the Windows 10 PC system tray and Start menu to launch multiple apps from your phone.

The app also now lets you copy and paste, text, and drag-and-drop files between devices so you can focus on getting more work done.

However, Microsoft’s partnership is not only limited to performance features, but can also connect users to all areas of the game.

Play your favorite games anytime, anywhere

Supported by the ultra-fast 5G [4] and Wi-Fi 6 [5] of the Galaxy Note20 series and optimized latency, you can play games with high-quality graphics anytime, anywhere.

Pair your device with a Bluetooth game controller for better cloud gaming.

Home video is decent for the big screen

Whether you’re the first step in photographing a baby, a silly moment with a puppy, or a family outing, the Galaxy Note20 series can relive your best memories in high-fidelity professional video mode.

As a director, shoot 8K or 4K movies at 24 frames per second and give home videos a cinematic effect. You can also record in Full HD at 120 frames per second and then play the video at 120 Hz for ultra-smooth viewing.

Samsung also equips the Galaxy Note20 series with several tools that make it easy to record videos.

For example, controlling the zoom speed, you can add motion to the image by slowly zooming in or out, or quickly zooming to see a scene.

In combination with Galaxy Buds Live, you get intelligible sound and minimize background noise. This makes the Galaxy Note20 series the best video recorder.

Take gaming to the next level with multitasking is not only about increasing productivity but also about maximum fun.

The Galaxy Note20 series allows you to wirelessly connect to Samsung DeX via a smart TV while opening and using apps on the smartphone screen to maximize your downtime.

They package everything in a timeless design. If a design doesn’t fit, a fully functional device isn’t complete. The Galaxy Note20 series features a timeless and durable design that expands on the design tradition of the Note series.

This feature offers a choice of new mystical colors and matching S-pens. Soft, neutral and textured colors, cloudy finishes add a touch of sophistication and excellence to Samsung’s finest quality.

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