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“The Gordonia Butcher” gets 18 years behind bars

Last updated on 2023-02-05

The Springbok Regional Court on Friday handed down an 18-year prison sentence to Devon Ovies, the notorious 33-year-old “Gordonia Butcher”, who had been found guilty of attempted murder of a sibling and motor theft.

His conviction included 14 years for the attempted murder of his sibling and 4 years for motor theft.

The sentences for both offences were to be served concurrently.

Northern Cape police spokesperson, Lieutenant Colonel Sergio Kock revealed that Ovies had been released from Kimberley’s psychiatric hospital on December 20, 2021 and had been taken into the custody of his 39-year-old sister at Concordia in Springbok.

According to Kock on January 6, 2022, at 9 o’clock, a dispute between Devon and his sister over his house-arrest spiralled into a horrific attack; with Devon plunging a knife into her 15 times, in the presence of her two toddlers.

In a frantic effort to escape justice, he stole her car and fled from her home in Concordia, but was arrested in Okiep only half an hour later.

The Provincial Commissioner for the Northern Cape, Lieutenant  General Gen Koliswa Otola applauded  Detective Sergeant Lulu Fortuin from Nababeep Detectives for her diligence and ceaseless effort that resulted in the “Gordonia Butcher” being incarcerated where he deserved as a perpetrator of Gender Based Violence and Femicide.

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