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“The Mommy Club’s Reunion special: Thembisa Mdoda returns to wow audiences once again!”

Award-winning presenter Thembisa Mdoda, known for her impressive hosting skills and acting chops, is set to captivate audiences once again as she takes on the role of host for the highly-anticipated reunion special of The Mommy Club.

Premiering on Showmax on December 5, 2023, this special episode comes after the record-breaking success of the reality series, which had the most first-week views of any Showmax.

Fans have been clamoring for a reunion since the intense finale in September 2023, which took over the top spot on both Showmax and X (formerly known as Twitter).
As a mother herself, Thembisa was thrilled at the opportunity to host the reunion, especially since she had just given birth to her fourth child a week prior.
But as we all know, things were left on shaky ground between the mommies after the finale. With clear lines drawn between Her Majesty and Mpumi, Nunurai and Ratile, and Ms Manche remaining neutral, tensions are high and emotions are raw.
And Thembisa is determined to uncover all the juicy details and get to the bottom of the drama.
Known for her versatility in both hosting and acting, Thembisa promises to leave no stone unturned at the reunion.
She admits that it was an explosive season and she feels it is her duty as a seasoned host to dig deep and get to the root of everything.
But she also assures viewers that she will approach the topics with sensitivity and understanding, being a mother herself.
Thembisa makes history as the first woman to host a Showmax Original reality show reunion, a decision that was made by the show’s executive producer Zinzi Velelo Alake, who believes Thembisa’s talents and relatability make her the perfect fit for the role.
The reunion is set to be filled with confrontations and heated exchanges, with Her Majesty already warning of a possible collision with a specific individual.
Ratile is also looking to get some things off her chest and move forward with those willing to reconcile.
Meanwhile, Mpumi is taking a reflective and zen approach, taking responsibility for her actions and hoping for a peaceful resolution.
Nunurai, known for her confrontational nature, will match the energies thrown her way.
But there’s no need to despair for fans of The Mommy Club, as season 2 is already in the works and set to premiere in 2024.
Showmax continues to solidify its reputation as the top destination for local reality TV, with shows like The Real Housewives franchise and Life With Kelly Khumalo garnering praise and recognition.
In the meantime, you can binge watch season 1 of The Mommy Club or catch Thembisa in other Showmax favourites like DAM, Unmarried, Our Perfect Wedding, and Suxoka. Don’t miss out on all the drama and entertainment that Showmax has to offer.

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