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“The R22 million gigantic flag Mthethwa is flying, disrespect hungry South African citizens”

Minister of Sports, Art and Culture, Nathi Mthetwa, has been facing backlash since he announced plans to erect a giant national flag monument costing R22 million.

Mthethwa said he ordered his department to study the monument process to uphold the country’s values and protect citizens’ intrinsic rights.

“The variety of views around this historically significant project is a welcome celebration for our country’s vibrant constitutional democratic system and the freedom that must always be protected for future generations. It is also a good sign of active citizenship, which is an essential part of social cohesion,” said Mthetwa.

Former Constitutional Court chief justice, Mogoeng Mokoeng, has condemned the initiative, saying it is degrading to South Africans, especially given the current economic situation

“Displaying the R22 million flag is an act of disrespect towards South African citizens. “Undertones” screams, “You guys are fools, we will keep plundering in front of you while you do nothing!” It’s just the ANC displaying its uncaring attitude,” said the former Chief Justice.

Democratic Alliance (DA) said it strongly opposed the vanity project while people are unemployed, especially children, are literally starving.

“The ANC government must stop using patriotic rhetoric to distract South African citizens from the realities they face, including mass joblessness, a stagnant economy, hunger, and the poverty they experience.”

The Economic Freedom Fighters  (EFF) have urged Mthethwa not to waste taxpayers’ money by insulting South Africans’ collective intelligence with his flag project.

“Sports legends including Portia Modise recount heartbreaking stories of living in shacks while being hailed as national heroes, and Banyana Banyana are paid less for kicking the same soccer ball as their male counterparts,” said EFF National spokesperson SinawoThambo.

Thambo said Mthethwa is ignoring his role in alleviating the plight faced by people such as athletes, creative artists, singers, and actors whose homes are regularly repossessed and they die as paupers because.



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