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Thulare encourages citizens to voice concerns with his administration so it can “freely and fairly” deal with them.

In the wake of his inauguration as the new mayor of the Lephalale Local Municipality, Alpheus Thulare committed to working with the community to implement effective service delivery.

In a statement, Thulare said he was adamant that the new administration would reach out to local residents and let them voice concerns since the people elected them to provide solutions.

He emphasized the need to address employment recruitment processes, which he described as the biggest issue facing Lephalale communities.

To ensure transparency, Thulare assured Lephalale citizens during his maiden address that work seekers would be hired through traditional leaders in their villages.

Concerns were expressed about unsatisfactory recruitment procedures, and the former administration was contacted about the same issue, according to Thulare.

He said they would revisit the problem and come up with a proposal and announce it to the public.

“We will say this is the system you have requested.  Let us follow it and see if it will work for all people freely and fairly,” said the mayor.

Thulare said he was adamant that the new administration would go to the ground and let the public voice their concerns, as they are the ones who elected officials so they could come up with solutions.

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