TRESemmé brand’s racist exit from Clicks chain stores

Clicks has announced on Tuesday it discontinues TRESemmé, replacing the brand with a range of local hair care products to help develop the local market.

TRESemmé, an American product line previously marketed to salons, was acquired by Alberto-Culver in 1968 and by Unilever in 2010.

The decision to ditch TRESemmé followed a racist marketing campaign at retail chain Clicks which declared black women’s hair dull and broken and “dry and damaged”, while white women’s hair was “smooth and even”. “and” normal.

The chain store announced that it had suspended employees responsible for posting indecent advertisements on its website, adding that a senior executive responsible for racist outrage had resigned.

Clicks Chief Executive Officer, Vikesh Ramsunder said in retail chain store Facebook that suspended employees will go through an impartial hearing, supervised by an independent outside chairman.

“Clicks will remove TRESemmé products, and replace those gaps with local hair care brands, of which Clicks has a wide reach. We will work with providers to enforce their code of conduct,” said Ramsunder.

Ramsunder disclosed that Clicks has been in discussions with Department of Employment and Labour, and Trade, and Industry over the past few days and will work with them to help develop the local market in South Africa.

“We understand that this event has a significant impact on our employees and customers. We will close our shop for one day on Wednesday 9 September, and with the support of ICAS Employee and Wellness programme we will engage with our staff across the country for counseling,” added Ramsunder.

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