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Vaccination certificates download system is not yet fully functioning 

The Department of Health has urged people experiencing problems downloading their COVID-19 vaccination certificates to be patient since the technology isn’t yet fully functioning.

In a statement, the department said a complete COVID-19 vaccination certificate would be introduced gradually over time.

The department said public. and media inquiries have poured in regarding difficulty obtaining and downloading COVID-19 digital vaccination certificates.

“As a result, we ask members of the public to be patient as we complete the last refinements before launching the first version of the COVID-19 vaccine digital certificate.”

The department said it is testing its operation to fix any possible glitches ahead of its official launch later this week.

“We had to include a lot of protection in the system to protect individuals’ personal data. We are aware, however, that a few lucky people were able to get into the system and retrieve their immunization certificates,” according to the statement.

The department said the technology is not yet fully operational in a live environment, enabling vaccinated members of the public to access and download certificates.

Once fully functional, people can download their certificates here:

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