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Volkswagen vehicles are popular with customers for many reasons. Let’s explore them

Last updated on 2021-12-12

In the first ten months of 2021, Volkswagen sold 55,737 cars, excluding commercial vehicles, with the tilting and sliding panoramic sunroofs ranking as the most popular choice across the entire lineup.

The panoramic sunroof was also one of the most popular optional features for the Tiguan model range.

“Panoramic sunroofs are most popular in Polo GTI and Golf GTI models, accounting for 90 percent of all vehicles. As standard, Golf R and Touareg variants are equipped with a panoramic sunroof. With our GTI models, Volkswagen does not have 100% uptake in our GTI since customers do not want their fleets fitted with the panoramic sunroof,” said Steffen Knapp, head of the Volkswagen Passenger Car brand.

The only available optional feature in the outgoing Caddy model line is the fixed sunroof, which was the most popular optional feature in 2021.

Park Assist with the rear-view camera was the most popular with buyers.

In 2021, the most popular optional features on the Touareg will be Lane Assist and Side Assist with Night Vision and Head-Up Display.

Due to the utilitarian nature of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, and particularly the Amarok, the best-selling optional feature was the heavy-duty suspension and tow bar, which enhances durability and practicality.

Volkswagen’s wheels range from 14-inch wheels on the Polo Vivo to 21-inch alloy wheels on the Touareg.

Polo Vivo’s most popular alloy wheel is the 15-inch Estrada, while Polo’s most popular alloy wheel is the 16-inch Torsby.

The 17-inch Manilla alloy wheel, offered with the R-line, is the most popular in the T-Cross, while the 18-inch Montego alloy wheel is the most popular in the T-Roc.

The dark grey 20-inch and 21-inch Suzuka alloy wheels were the most popular on Tiguan and Touareg, respectively.

The 19-inch Milford alloy wheels were the most popular on the Amarok. The 17-inch Woodstock alloy wheels were the most popular in the Kombi, while the 17-inch Aracaju alloy wheels were the most popular in the Caravelle and California variants.

Volkswagen has a variety of class-leading driver assistance systems. In South Africa, 80% of the Touaregs sold had the Advanced Safety Package.

The trailer maneuvering option was the most popular option in the Kombi range. Due to its size, Crafter customers typically order Park Assist with the rear-view camera for improved visibility and maneuverability.

The exterior Black Style Package, which debuted in 2019 on the Tiguan and Touareg, has proven to be a popular addition to the Volkswagen model lineup.

This styling package is installed on 47 percent of all Touaregs and 30 percent of all Tiguans sold in South Africa, respectively.

The Black Style Package was also recently launched in the Golf GTI and Polo Vivo variants.

There are 41 exterior colours in the Volkswagen line, including solid, metallic, and pearlescent paints, with pure white being the most popular.


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