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Volunteers are a major driving force behind ANC elections campaign

The ANC says its ability to connect with voters and spread a message they can relate to has always depended on its ability to make a personal connection with them, not the size of its election campaign budget.

In a statement, ANC National spokesperson, Pule Mabe refuted an article published online newspaper, creating the false impression that the ANC plans to spend R50 million to campaign for local government elections.

“This is a distortion of what our Head of Elections, Comrade Fikile Mbalula said on 702 Radio, quoted as saying the ANC depends on donors to fund its election campaign, and it has no fully funded budget,” said Mabe, adding that the distortion is at best sensational and at worst malicious, and does nothing to enrich public discourse that should inform the choices of the voters.

According to Mabe, the ANC is optimistic it will mobilize enough resources to mount an effective campaign to reach every voter.

“Despite the financial resources necessary to drive our wall-to-wall campaign in every community, we know our volunteers will give it the momentum it requires,” Mabe said.

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