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When fuel increases, so does unemployment and poverty

The Democratic Alliance (DA) Youths urges South Africans to unite against the fuel price hikes.

DA Youth Interim Federal Leader, Nicholas Nyati, has called on South Africans to co-sign the party’s letter to the Ministers of Finance and Mineral Resources and Energy to urge them to slash fuel prices by removing taxes and levies.

“The cost of living has increased drastically and jobs are fast becoming a scarce,” said Nyathi.

He said fuel price increases have long-lasting effects on people, particularly young job seekers who use public transport.

Unfortunately, public transport fares increases are permanent, as taxi associations never decrease their prices, according to Nyathi.

“The ANC government is unwilling to address the socio-economic challenges that contribute to unemployment, and if statements by the Cabinet are anything to go by, these flagsters have all the signs of a failed liberation movement leading us towards a failed state.”

Nyathi blamed continued fuel price increases on the ANC, adding that the party is more concerned about where to loot next, than the citizens they govern.

“South Africans are facing many challenges, and these continued petrol increases will destroy whatever is left of our country,” added Nyathi.

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