Women proves gender is not barrier to success at Nissan

To celebrate International Women’s Month and support gender diversity in the automotive industry, Nissan SA is saluting female employees occupying managerial positions at its Rosslyn plant, north of Pretoria.

In the wake of the recent R3 billion investment into the Pretoria plant to build the Nissan Navara, women are at the helm of the project to make sure the company delivers at the right time.

Nissan South Africa portrays the ladies as determined workers, breaking the auto industry discriminatory constraint with aptitudes.

The women have accomplished a 50/50 gender split at Rosslyn Plant with the engineering trainees taking part in skills development programme.

While the automobile industry is a male-dominated sector, Nissan SA’s top women prove that gender is not a barrier to success.

The quick-witted women include:

Chantelle Mashego: Senior Manager responsible for delivering the locally produced Nissan Navara.

She has been at Nissan for 11 years and understands the complexities of building a vehicle.

“I’ve worked hard to grow through the ranks from a contracted engineer to holding roles in vehicle quality, parts quality and   more.     In that time, I’ve also held international roles including a stint at Nissan Spain, returning to South Africa with new skills and experience,” said Mashego.

Melicia Bala: Nissan South Africa’s acting Human Resources Lead. She ensures the company recruits only the best talent to build the latest version of the Nissan Navara.

“At Nissan South Africa, we strive to be an employer of choice in the automotive industry and attract and retain the best talent in the industry. “When we grow, the sector grows,” said Bala.

Liz Gorbunov:General Manager: Chief Marketing Manager, Light Commercial Vehicles and Sporty Utility Vehicles at Nissan South Africa.

“As successful female executives, responsible to empower other women, to mentor, encourage and engage with them about our learnings over years, “said Gorbunov.

Lizette Crause: General Manager of Customer Quality and Dealer Network Development at Nissan South Africa.

Lizette is responsible for the dealer network, including ensuring profitability, returns, and customer quality and people develop at the dealerships.

To make sure that Nissan fulfils its mandate to enhancing their presence in the SSA markets, Crause oversees the partner and network strategy to deliver exciting and diverse customer experience to secure Nissan’s sustainable growth in Africa.


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