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“Woolworths’ bold move: No more Israeli products on shelves amidst conflict”

In the midst of the raging conflict between Hamas and Israel, retail powerhouse Woolworths, Israeli, product, shelveshas taken a bold stance by declaring on Friday that they will no longer carry a single Israeli product on their shelves.

This daring move comes amidst accusations of the company’s alleged political affiliations, which Woolworths vehemently denies.

In a statement, the retail giant clarified that they do not align themselves with any particular country, political party, or organisation.

“We seek only to bring people together in a world already fractured by falsehoods and suffering,” the company stated firmly.

The decision made by Woolworths was met with applause from human rights organisation Africa4Palestine, which commended the retail giant for refusing to contribute to the division and animosity that plagues the ongoing conflict.

“In a formal letter received by Africa4Palestine, Woolworths CEO Roy Bagattini confirmed that their stores will no longer carry any Israeli products,” the NGO announced.

Bagattini stated that not a single Israeli product can be found on their shelves, declaring,

“We do not stock any products that have been imported from Israel. This decision is in line with our principles of ethical consumerism.”

Woolworths also acknowledged the impact of the ongoing violence and made it clear that they will not be part of the rising intolerance.

In the face of threats, the company took further action by suspending the sale of the one Israeli product they had in their stores, in order to ensure the safety and well-being of their employees and customers.

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